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This webpage provides links to some of the major producers of European Union statistics. The page is arranged by agency.

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Eurostat Statistical Office of the European Union

Statistics which includes:

Statistics Explained:

  • Statistics Explained is the new encyclopaedia of European Statistics. Data is available in an easy to understand format (similar to Wikipedia) and includes simple graphs and maps.

Publications which includes:

Key Facts & Figures about the European Union - General statistics using a variety of charts and graphs, this site compares the EU as a whole and its Member States (present and future) with other major economies


Agriculture and Rural Affairs - Directorate-General

  • Food, Farming, Fisheries- Statistical and Economic Information - the statistical information presented here covers a wide range of subjects: the economic situation in agriculture, structures, trade, markets, financial aspects and rural development
  • Overview of Agricultural Statistics - tables and graphs describing the European Union's agricultural trade position in the world as well as detailed trade information

Competition Directorate-General

  • Cartels - Fines imposed
  • Mergers statistics - European Merger Control - Council Regulation 139/2004 - Statistics 21 September 1990 to 30 November 2008 [PDF]
  • State Aid scoreboard - transparent and publicly accessible source of information on the overall State aid situation in the European Union and on the Commission's current State aid control activities. Includes Statistical Tables and the latest version and archive of the Scoreboard

Economic and Financial Affairs Directorate-General  - Economic Databases and Indicators

  • Key indicators for the Euro area - set of tables presenting the most relevant economic statistics concerning the euro area. Each table is accompanied by a commentary and each item by one or more graphs
  • AMECO Database: Annual macro-economic database
  • Business and consumer surveys - surveys allow comparisons among different countries’ business cycles
  • General government data - yearly unadjusted time-series for the general government transactions and balances of Member States and the EU/Euro area as a whole.

Employment & Social Affairs Directorate-General

  • Employment and Social Analysis - data from 1998 
  • MISSOC - Mutual Information System on Social Protection: provides basic information about most of the social protection areas in each country, as well as about the financing of social protection, with highly structured and comparative information in over 300 information categories, grouped in 12 tables

Energy Directorate-General - data and analysis

Enterprise Directorate-General

Fisheries Directorate-General

Public Health Directorate General - Statistics

Trade Directorate-General - Statistics

European Union Agencies

European Central Bank  - Statistical Data Warehouse

  • Economic Bulletin - detailed analysis of the prevailing economic situation and the risks to price stability. It is released eight times a year, two weeks after each monetary policy meeting.
  • Pocket Book - contains selected macroeconomic indicators for the individual Member States of the European Union, as well as comparisons between the euro area, the United States and Japan

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work - Facts and Figures

European Environment Agency Datasets

European Foundation for the Improvement of Living & Working Conditions

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights 

  • FRA Tools - A collection of tools and databases by the FRA on various human rights-related topics

Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency - Eurydice

Other Agencies

CESifo Group (Center for Economic Studies and Institute for Economic Research, Munich)

  • Topics - Research conducted at the ifo Institute provides the basis for a fact-based debate on current economic issues

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