Census Statistics

UK Census

  • Census website from the Office for National Statistics which includes:
  • Census 2001 on nomis (official labour market statistics) - Standard Tables, Census Area Statistics (CAS) and standard CAS Theme tables for England and Wales are currently available through Nomis

Access to Census Data for the HE & FE community


Northern Ireland

Historical Census Data

  • Histpop - The Online Historical Population Reports Website - The Online Historical Population Reports (OHPR) collection provides online access to the complete British population reports for Britain and Ireland from 1801 to 1937 - the collection includes:
    • Census: All published census reports for England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, for the period 1801-1937. The published census reports contain detailed population statistics across the period, along with a wealth of other statistical information relating to the economy and society
    • Registrar General: All the published registration reports for England, Wales and Scotland, without exception for the period 1837-1920. The Registrar-Generals' reports contain information on numbers of births, deaths and marriages along with other medical statistics
    • The National Archives - A large selection of documents from the The National Archives including:
      • Census enumerators' books - reproductions of all the different enumerators' books used from 1831 through to 1901 in full colour
      • Maps - a number of maps relating to registration districts covering 1861-1921
      • Correspondence - a wide selection of correspondence and reports emanating from the General Register Office
      • Essays: This section of the site contains over 200 essays specially written by Edward Higgs and Matthew Woollard. These essays contextualise the material found elsewhere in the site, and provide a comprehensive history of registration and population statistics within the British Isles before the Second World War.
    • Legislation: The full texts of all of the Acts of Parliament relating to population statistics during the period 1800 to 1937. These texts illuminate the process of both census taking and registration across the period, by describing the "official" procedures laid down by Parliament. Legislation provides highly important contextual information for the history of the construction of statistics.
    • Bibliography: A detailed list of resources for further information about the censuses and registration processes. This bibliography is compiled mainly from the essays specially written to accompany the OHPR collection
  • A Vision of Britain Through Time: A website from the Great Britain Historical Geographic Information System (GIS) Project, based at the University of Portsmouth. Includes statistical trends calculated for current local authorities, historic maps, election results and census reports from 1801 to 2001 with direct access to the main tables

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