WARPit is an online portal which makes it easy for University staff to share surplus items (furniture, office consumables etc.) with other individuals on campus. Many unwanted items are often thrown out, however, WARPit makes transfer of ownership quick and easy due to better communication.  If you have an item you no longer require, please advertise it on WARPit. Or, if you are looking for an item, please check WARPit before you buy new!

What is WARPit?

What is WARPit?

WARPit is an equipment/furniture/resource reuse and management system, designed to make it easy for employees to give surplus work items to other individuals inside the University. The system includes listings of reusable furniture, fixtures and fittings, office consumables (stationary and ink jet cartridges) and electronic equipment that is no longer needed and is therefore up for grabs by other members of organisations.

Why is it useful?

Why is it useful?

WARPit will help limit the amount of waste the University sends to landfill and reduce both our disposal costs and our carbon footprint. Re-using furniture and office supplies saves money spent on purchasing new equipment and helps to free-up the space occupied by unused equipment. Each transaction is monitored and every participant is registered, which means that waste disposal obligations and legal liability concerns are met. The portal also provides detailed up-to-date information on both the environmental benefits and financial savings generated.

Deliveries and Charges

You can request to have your claimed items to be delivered via E&B helpdesk. Alternatively, you can pick up the items yourself at no cost.

Job Request Charge
Deliver 1-2 items among campus buildings £10
Deliver 3-5 items among campus buildings £30
Deliver 5-10 items among campus buildings £50
Deliver 1-2 items to Govan £20
Deliver 3-5 items to Govan £60
Deliver 5-10 items to Govan £100
All deliveries from Govan FREE

Furniture deliveries will be carried out every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, provided the job line is raised by Tuesday.

Stackable items (e.g. stacking chairs) count as one item.

For jobs with more than 10 items, contact supervisor for a price quote.

Urgent jobs that need to be completed faster than set dates will be charged a premium rate (circa £100 per hour).

How to start?

WARPit FAQ (pdf)How to start?

Before you acquire or re-distribute any item through WARPit, you will be asked to confirm that you have permission from your line manager.

For a step-by-step guide on how to use the portal, please see our WARPit User Guide (pdf) and WARPit FAQ (pdf).

For a flow diagram illustrating the process of furniture reuse and transfer within University, please see WARPit Process Diagram (pdf).

You can start using WARPit now by visiting the University’s homepage and hitting the green button that says ‘register’. https://www.warp-it.co.uk/uniofglasgow