The University of Glasgow has inherited, acquired and developed a rich heritage of plant and animal life at the various semi-natural and landscaped sites it occupies. 

It is the University’s on going responsibility to protect and enhance this heritage, for both its intrinsic value and for the wider benefits that healthy ecosystems can provide; breathable air, potable water and fertile soils.  In addition, we recognise the importance of access to green spaces, with regard to the general wellbeing of our staff, students and the local community.  

A copy of our Biodiversity Strategy 2016-2021 and Action Plan for 2018/19 can be accessed here:

Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

The reports below have been compiled to ensure that the University of Glasgow complies with its legal obligations with regard to Biodiversity Reporting, as described in The Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act (2011).  Since our Biodiversity Report April 2014 we have been working closely with our students in order to baseline biodiversity on our campus using a Phase 1 Habitat Methodology (Archer, Brown & Rae, 2015) and to identify ways we can improve biodiversity on campus (Morrin, 2017).