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Who are GUEST?

Glasgow University Environmental Sustainability Team (GUEST) is a team of 12 highly motivated, and professional students employed by the university to work on improving the environmental practice of the university.


What does GUEST do?

Within the University community, GUEST strives to encourage a shift in behaviour towards social and environmental wellbeing. We want to proactively enhance and facilitate the collaboration of staff, students and local community to promote sustainability and to promote the University’s institutional self-awareness of sustainability as it journeys towards becoming a recognised champion of environmentalism.

We aim to do this by helping with the drafting and implementation of sustainable policies, by offering support to eco-minded local groups, by creating innovative informational material, and by organising events which provoke thought and open discussion around issues of environmentalism.


How is GUEST structured?

GUEST is currently formed of 12 students employed by the University on a part-time basis, and their interns.

3 of these 12 students are the GUEST Co-ordinators, each overseeing 2/3 branches of GUEST. Each branch has a Promoter, who may or may not have an intern.

The students employed by GUEST benefit from:

    •    The opportunity to gain insight in environmental consultancy and corporate communications.

    •    Gaining a better understanding of the University structure and practice.

    •    The opportunity to work on a part time basis that is flexible alongside studies.

Interns are students who wish to impact sustainability on campus and who have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in an institutional environment, slowly learning the ropes to project management and gaining valuable work experience.

We work to support the University community by:

    •       Catalysing the creation of a culture of sustainability on Gilmorehill Campus.

    •       Hosting events that explore sustainable behaviour-change in everyday life.

    •       Assisting University Management with policy updates through the Sustainable Working Group.

    •       Fostering sustainability initiatives between staff, students and local residents.

Our vision is to achieve an action-oriented, university-wide sustainability policy by empowering the student body, staff and academic faculty alike, and to increase awareness of and openness to positive ecological change.

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