Energy Management

The Energy Management Team within Estates and Commercial Services are responsible for the management of all utilities and their associated carbon emissions.  The Team are also responsible for all utility compliance issues such as EUETS, CRC EES, CHQPA and any other renewable incentives.

We address our responsibilities for tackling climate change through our 5 year Energy Strategy and action plan.

The Energy Strategy focuses on 5 key areas where the University is dedicated to make improvements:

  1. Using our buildings more efficiently.
  2. Supplying our sites from an increased amount of renewable utility supplies.
  3. Excellence through design and continuous learning through soft landings.
  4. Risk resilience and security of utility supplies.
  5. Smart Campus activities, academic research and working with others.

Through these 5 key areas we look to deliver a reduction in carbon emissions of 6000 tones by 2020/2021 compared to the 2015/2016 baseline.

The University reports its organisational carbon footprint on an annual basis, as part of its public sector climate change reporting duty, and is available below both in report and infographic: