Travel Planning

The University of Glasgow recognises its impact on the environment, amenity and community arising from travel by staff, students, visitors and transport generated through deliveries and other business activities.

Travel Policy Statement

In line with its Sustainable Development Policy the University will endeavour to minimise its impacts associated with travel.

Its Policy on Travel will complement the University's mission and its Environmental Policy, help foster good community relationships and support government policies and local strategies.


 The following specific objectives will be adopted as part of the Policy:

  • Identify and eliminate unnecessary travel and reduce the impact of transport generated by the University on the rest of the community, the local and wider environment;
  • Widen the choice of means for staff, students and visitors by which they may travel to and from the University in a safe, comfortable and sustainable way, simultaneously improving the working environment for staff and students;
  • Identify, support and promote alternatives to single occupancy car travel to and from the University for staff, students and visitors;
  • Improve the amenity and access routes on and around University premises for users of sustainable modes of travel;
  • Positively influence the health and fitness of staff and students by encouraging more walking and cycling as a means of travel;
  • Develop and implement strategies that support future applications for planning permission.


The objectives of the Travel Policy will be addressed through a range of initiatives and measures that will be set out in a series of University Travel Plans. Each Plan will be produced after appropriate consultation with staff, students and other community stakeholders and will be subject to ongoing monitoring and review.

Approved by Court, 13 December 2006