Glasgow University Environmental Sustainability Team (GUEST) is a team of 12 students employed by the university on a part-time basis to work on improving the environmental practice of the university. We strive to encourage positive transformations as a means to promote sustainability across all levels of the University establishment.

We work to support the university community by:

  • catalysing the creation of a culture of sustainability at Gilmorehill Campus;
  • hosting events that explore environmentalism in everyday life;
  • assisting with policy updates;
  • mediating communication between staff, students and local residents.

Our vision is to achieve an action-oriented University-wide sustainability policy by empowering the community within and without, and to increase awareness of and openness to positive ecological change.


Each GUEST Promoter is assigned to work on one specific project dealing with an area of environmental sustainability relevant to the campus community.

Visit GUEST at the Eco-HubEco-hub main page 1

The Eco-Hub is a GUEST initiative in partnership with the QMU and Estates and Buildings Management. It aims to be the epicentre of environmental practice on campus, as well as an open discussion space for all members of the University community.