Get support

To register with the Disability Service, please log in and complete a Study Support Request.

As part of completing your Study Support Request (SSR), you will be asked to upload evidence of disability. You can find out more about submitting evidence by checking our guidance on what evidence we can use. If you don't yet have evidence of disability, please complete the SSR anyway. If you have any documents you feel may work as evidence but are not sure, please upload them with your SSR so that we can advise you further. Having your evidence helps us to arrange support for you quickly, but you do not need to have evidence of disablity before we can begin to support and advise you.

If you are going to ask a GP or consultant for evidence, you may find it helpful to use our Disability Evidence Form. Please ask the person completing the form to complete sections B-D.

What happens after you complete your Study Support Request?

Once you submit your SSR, a Disability Adviser will review your information and we will email you about next steps. Depending on what you have told us and what documents you could upload, we may begin to put adjustments to your teaching and assessment in place right away. In most cases we will also contact you to invite you to book an appointment with a Disability Adviser. You will be able to choose between online and in-person appointments.

While you are waiting for us to respond to your SSR, there are other sources of support available:

  1. Your Adviser of Studies is named on your MyCampus record and can support you with any concerns about teaching and assessment.
  2. Your Student Support Officer can offer advice and guidance on a wide range of issues.
  3. Your Disability Coordinator may be able to offer interim support and guidance.
  4. Student Learning Development offer a range of study support open to all students.
  5. There is a wide range of support available to all students.