Assistive technology

We can help you with:

  • Training in assistive software
  • Accessing a loan pool of equipment
  • Accessing software packages (most of these are available on the University network)

Equipment in stock:

We have a small pool of loan laptops, peripherals and recording equipment to students registered with the service. The equipment is available on a first come first served basis and according to need. We also have a portable loop for loan.

The Assistive Technology Centre

Location: Room 529, Level 5 of the University of Glasgow Library
Opening hours: during University Library hours

The Assistive Technology Centre allows enhanced access to the web, email and other networked resources using assistive software, scanners, large monitors, specialist keyboards and other peripherals. This is a student cluster and priority access is given to students registered with the service.

If you require using software only available in the Centre, we will give you card access to the door and logon access to the computers in the room.

Assistive Technology available on the Common Student Computing Environment (CSCE)

All of the University of Glasgow Computer Clusters have assistive technology software installed.

The assistive programs available are:

  • MindGenius- a mindmapping package which can help with the organization and structure of written assessments and also mnemonic strategies for revision purposes.
  • Texthelp (Read & Write Gold) - has a word prediction facility, a phonetic spellchecker, and a speech feedback facility useful for proof-reading written work (a useful package for dyslexic students).
  • EndNote X7 - keep all your references in a searchable personal library
  • Zoomtext 9 - a text enlargement package for visually impaired students (only available on the computers in library room 529 Assistive Technology Centre or on request to IT Helpdesk).

To access these packages on  University networked computers go through START menu and select Software Centre/Install

There are other assistive software packages available for use in the Assistive Technology Centre for students with particular needs who are registered with the Disability Service.

Training in assistive technology software

Book familiarisation training through the Disability Service by calling + 44 (0) 141 330 5497.

Audio induction loops

Audio induction loops are available in most central teaching rooms.

For more information contact Audio-Visual Services