Exam arrangements

Since the switch to online assessment, the University has been including extra time by default into either 24 hour exams or timed exams with 100% extra time added as standard. Further details can be found here. Your subject area will confirm arrangements for your exams ahead of the next diet.

If you experience any difficulties on the day, please contact the helpdesk at https://www.gla.ac.uk/help.

If you ordinarily make use of a reader/scribe, this can still be arranged remotely. Please contact your Disability Adviser to discuss this or email disability@glasgow.ac.uk.



What we do

Assessment of your needs

Our role is to decide with you what exam arrangements are required and to notify your department and Registry of your requirements.

All exam support arrangements are subject to appropriate and relevant professional evidence being provided by the student.

Liason with Academic Departments

We work closely and successfully with Academic Departments and Advisers of Studies to support disabled students.

Each School has a Departmental Contact (DC) responsible for addressing and promoting the needs of disabled students within their department.

What we don't do

We are not involved in making the actual arrangements e.g. booking rooms for exams, deciding on start times (for students with extra time), the arranging of invigilators or other specific details relating to your exam arrangements.

Request exam arrangements

If you require specific exam arrangements make an appointment to see a Disability Adviser, providing written medical evidence to support any requests.

Details of your individual examination requirements can be assessed by an Adviser.

What happens next?

  • The provision will be recorded on your MyCampus Record.
  • This is forwarded to the Registry so that the Examination Arrangements can be noted.
  • The necessary arrangements for Degree Examinations will then be put in place by the Examinations Officer.
  • Your subject area(s) will provide you with notification of your exam provision outlining any particular information relevant to you, including location and times of your exams.

Link to Registry deadline dates for exam support

After this deadline there is no guarantee that exam arrangements can be made.


Link to University Regulations for exam support

Please arrange to see a Disability Adviser in good time prior to the deadline dates. Exam arrangements made beyond the stated date cannot be guaranteed.

View details of exam procedures in the University Calendar

Questions Exam Arrangements

Why have I not been allocated more time than others for my exams?

Student and Academic Services have worked with academic staff to ensure that the exam arrangements are inclusive and accessible for all. We are confident that every consideration has been given to meeting the needs of students with disabilities in this unprecedented period. 


24 hour exams 

The original time allowance for the exam, plus the additional time that you would have been allocated, is fully accommodated within the 24-hour examination window.   As such, it is not necessary to add any additional time to the 24-hour window.  


Short Duration/Timed Exams 

If you have a timed exam, the time allocated is double the time required to complete the paper. Therefore, any additional time is already accommodated. By providing 100% more time than would usually be given, the need for individual allocations of extra time has been removed.


I am not satisfied with this and wish to discuss it further, who should I talk to?

Please contact your Disability Advisor in the first instance to discuss your needs. In exceptional circumstances, where there are students with complex support needs, for whom additional time on top of that already provided may need to be considered, the case should be put in writing, with the input of your Disability Advisor, to the Executive Director of Student and Academic Services, Robert Partridge.


I would usually have a reader or scribe assigned to me, will this be provided for these exams?

For many students the ability to use assistive technology will mitigate the need for reader/scribe support. Some students will already have been contacted by the Disability Service to discuss their adjustments. If you require information or support and have not already been contacted by the disability service, please contact your Disability Advisor.  


I require access to assistive technology that I do not have at home. Who should I contact?

Please contact your disability advisor to discuss your needs.