Assessment and feedback policy

The University of Glasgow has comprehensive guidelines for assessment and feedback practice, which are made available to all staff and students. You can find an overview of the relevant documents below, with links to the original sources.

The Code of Assessment

The most up to date version of the Code of Assessment can be found on the Senate website.

The comprehensive document regulates how the University administers examinations and assesses its students.

The Guide to the Code of Assessment

The University provides additional documentation in the Guide to the Code of Assessment, which unpacks the legal document into shorter sections on specific topics. The Guide to the Code of Assessment is intended as a more accessible version of the legal document, aimed at informing staff and students of the critical points of the University regulations.

Assessment policy

In addition to the Code of Assessment, the University released an Assessment Policy in 2011, which outlines the roles and responsibilities that inform assessment practices.

Section 7 of the Assessment Policy relates to the provision of feedback and includes the requirement that feedback should be prompt and normally be returned within three weeks.

Supplementary documents

For College-specific guidelines, please consult the most recent version of the University Calendar.

For an outline of the marking process, you can consult the Marking Individual Assessments document. The flowchart includes a breakdown of the grade descriptors, and describes the process of determining the grade given to the student for an assignment.

The Senate also provides guidelines on marking using the Code of Assessment, which you can find here.