Feedback following Summative Examinations

This policy sets out minimum standards in the provision of feedback to students following summative examinations. Its focus is on the provision of generic rather than individual feedback.

Policy and Guidelines

The policy is non prescriptive to allow Schools to establish their own systems to be applied to all courses for which they are responsible. Standards should include, but not restricted to the following:

  1. All students to receive a mark/grade for each summative examination.
  2. Feedback should be linked to intended learning outcomes and marking criteria.
  3. Individual feedback to all students is not expected to be the norm. Schools will indicate the degree to which individual feedback will be available. However, individual feedback should be made available on request.
  4. Generic feedback must be provided following all summative examinations.

Students should be made aware that all results are provisional and subject to External Examiner scrutiny.

Feedback following summative examinations should be provided for the reasons stated and is not intended to facilitate appeals or the challenging of academic judgement.

For the Attention of

School Learning & Teaching Committees
College Learning & Teaching Committees and Board of Studies
All staff responsible for summative examinations
All UG and PGT students undertaking summative examinations

Approval and Amendments

Date effective from: Session 2014-15 (Spring diet)

Recommended by: Learning & Teaching Committee, 2 April 2014

Endorsed by: Education Policy & Strategy Committee, 30 April 2014

Ratified by: Senate, 5 June 2014

To be reviewed: Following Spring 2015 diet to identify any necessary changes for introduction in 2015-16