Edwin Morgan's 'Glasgow Sonnets' - An online teaching resource

Associate, Kirsty Strang at The Hunterian Art Gallery for the Hunterian Associates showcase evening.‌‌My project is centered on Edwin Morgan’s socially driven sequence of ‘Glasgow Sonnets’, depicting the transition from tenement life in the Glasgow Gorbals to high-rise living in the new Red Road flats. These poems are regularly taught at SQA higher and first year university level. Using rare books and manuscript material from Glasgow University’s special collections and artworks from The Hunterian, I am creating an interactive blog that allows learners to appreciate elements of Glasgow’s cultural history in these poems.  

To better understand the ways in which these poems are in dialogue with other objects across the museum and art collections, I will be asking the following questions: 

  • What are the social impulses behind the artworks, books and poems that depict the Glasgow Gorbals?
  • What are the common themes across these objects?
  • Who are the intended audiences of these objects?
  • Do these objects succeed in their socio-political aims?


See more discussion on these themes on Glasgow Sonnets blog or on Twitter @Glasgow_Sonnets.


Kirsty Strang, MPhil student of Scottish Literature