Posters, Newspapers, Broadsides: Ephemera from Old Glasgow

My project focuses on the ‘ephemera’ held by the Special Collections Department in the University Library. Ephemera can include posters, advertisements, newspaper extracts, even admission tickets. Anything, really, that has survived in its original form. My online exhibition, Ephemera from old Glasgow, portray the everyday workings of Glasgow as well as promoting the potential of ephemera as an important resource for primary research.

An old black and white printed poster with a tattered upper edge. There is a picture of two standing and one seated giraffe.  The poster heading reads: The Georgian Era in Glasgow (1714-1837) was a time of much cultural, politic, and religious upheaval. The ephemera from the city in this time often provide more detail than you will find in the history books of Scotland, and the recycled impressions of Glasgow.  

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Craig Lamont, PhD candidate, English Literature

PhD Research: Georgian Glasgow
Craig is working with Glasgow Life towards a 2014 exhibition on Georgian Glasgow, to which his thesis is linked. The central idea is that Glasgow’s status as a result of its rapid growth in the Victorian era has come to define the city, therefore overshadowing the achievements made in the century before. The Georgian Glasgow Ephemera project seeks to portray the city from a new perspective.