The Fallen - The Battle of Loos

On the 25th September 1915 the Battle of Loos was a significant moment in the timeline of the First World War: for the first time, large numbers of volunteers recruited for Kitchener’s New Armies were put into action; it was an ambitious offensive plan intended to be a decisive victory to end the stalemate of trench warfare; it was also the British Army’s first attempt at using poison gas, a disastrous failure due to shifting weather conditions that left clouds of gas blowing back onto the advancing British troops, hovering over the ground over which the men had to pass, and lingering in the enemy trenches they were supposed to hold.  At a high cost of life, a number of units successfully broke through German lines, however, short on ammunition and without suitable reinforcements, the exhausted troops were unable to hold the ground gained.  

Of the 755 University men and women who fell over the course of the War, forty-two were lost during this battle.  These links will take you to their biographies on the WW1 Roll of Honour section of The University of Glasgow Story website. 

September-October 1915

1st October 1915

30th September 1915

28th September 1915

27th September 1915

26th September 1915

25th September 1915