WW1 Roll of Honour

The University’s online Roll of Honour records the names of all those from the University community who served during the War.  This information has been compiled since the beginning of the war as those left on our campus recorded the details of their friends, colleagues and students.  Our online Roll of Honour is a continuation of this process.

We invite all those who have information to share on the University of Glasgow community in the First World War to contact us.  

Visit the University of Glasgow First World War Roll of Honour website

On the centenary of their deaths, the Fallen will be remembered in morning prayers in the University Memorial Chapel. After the Service a Cross with Poppy will be placed in the University’s Memorial Garden next to the Quincentenary Ceremonial Gates at University Avenue. This term's Commemoration dates for the Great War Fallen are available here: ‌Fallen - January 2019 - December 2020‌ [PDF, updated 18/02/2019]

These links will take you to their biographies on the WW1 Roll of Honour section of The University of Glasgow Story.

The Fallen (January 1919 - December 1920)

March 1920

3rd March 1920

November 1919

27th November 1919

October 1919

7th October 1919

July 1919

26th July 1919

12th July 1919

7th July 1919

May 1919

20th May 1919

8th May 1919

April 1919

19th April 1919

March 1919

14th March 1919

February 1919

18th February 1919

11th February 1919

6th February 1919

4th February 1919

January 1919

27th January 1919

17th January 1919

2nd January 1919

The Fallen (April to May 1918)

The Fallen (January-March 1918)

The Fallen (October-December 1917)

The Fallen (July-September 1917)

The Fallen (April-June 1917)

The Fallen (January-March 1917)

The Fallen (October-December 1916)

The Fallen (July-September 1916)

The Fallen (April-June 1916)

The Fallen (January-March 1916)

The Fallen (August-December 1915) 

The Fallen (April-July 1915)

The Fallen (January-March 1915) 

The Fallen (September-December 1914)