Research & Knowledge Exchange Strategy Committee


Convenor: Dean of Research, Dean of External Engagement (Alternate Convenor)

Membership: Head of College, VP (Research) / Head of Research Policy, VP (Innovation), College Head of Finance, College Director of Professional Services, Director Research and Innovation, College Dean of Postgraduate Research Studies, Director of Research Adam Smith Business School, Director of Research School of Education, Director of Research School of Law, Director of Research School of Social and Environmental Sustainability, Director of Research School of Social and Political Sciences, Deputy Director Institute of Health and Wellbeing with responsibility in College of Social Sciences, Director Policy Scotland, College Head of Operations - Research Support, College Head of Research Business Development, College Impact Officer

In attendance: College Research Administrative support officer (Clerk)

Quorum: Dean of Research or Dean of External Engagement, Directors of Research or representative from each School, Head of Operations Research Support or Head of Research Business Development


  • To define, promote and implement the College's Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy with reference to the University’s Research Strategy and Innovation Strategy

  • To monitor progress towards the delivery of the College’s Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy.

  • To identify key areas of research and oversee the strategic use of investment to ensure they are developed in the future.

  • To make recommendations to the College Management Group to enable the delivery of the Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy.

  • To co-ordinate the College's return to the Research Excellence Framework

  • To report to RPSC through the Dean of Research

  • To review reports from the College’s Research Centres Reports. If issues arise, these will be taken to RPSC for discussion

  • To consider Institute / School research strategies and ensure that the College has a balanced and affordable research portfolio supported by a management structure endorsed by the College Management Group

  • To promote issues relating to engagement, knowledge exchange and impact and ensure that cross-linkage between Schools provide best value

  • Working with Research Institutes / Schools to deliver funding based on their Research & Knowledge Exchange Strategy and supported by the College Management Group

  • Monitoring post description and ensuring representation on appointment panels to facilitate the best quality staff members are recruited

  • Annual review of the Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy in conjunction with the College Management Group and the University Research Planning and Strategy Committee

  • Transparent reporting to staff in Schools at ‘grass roots’ level

  • To liaise with appropriate services on matters relating to the Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy

  • To help advise on the strategic allocation of internal Equipment, Research and Scholarship Funds when appropriate

  • To act as an advisory body on applications for large pieces of equipment

  • To consider reports from the Postgraduate Research Dean

  • To promote collaboration with other Colleges and external organisations directly and through the Research Planning and Strategy Committee 


The Committee will report to College Management Group; University Research Policy and Strategy Committee