Postgraduate Scholarship Group


Convener: Scholarships Director

Membership: Dean of Graduate Studies, Director ASRF, School PGR Directors, College Marketing and Recruitment Officer, Graduate School Administrator

In attendance: Postgraduate admin assistant (clerk)


  • To determine the strategic allocation of Postgraduate Research scholarship funds for cross-college schemes (taken from Graduate School Board remit)
  • To co-ordinate the marketing of all Postgraduate Research scholarships offered by the College including those provided through schools and by external funders e.g Research Councils and Doctoral Training Centre
  • To develop and implement robust procedures for the application and awarding of scholarships in conjunction with Postgraduate Research Directors and School admin staff
  • To provide regular reports to College Management Group and Graduate School Board in relation to the awarding of scholarship funds and the strategic value of such awards.


The Group will report to the College Management Group for resource matters otherwise to the Graduate School Board.