PGR Committee


Convener: Dean of Graduate Studies

Membership: PGR Conveners from each School within the College; Director of Graduate Training, College Employability Officer; College Student Recruitment and Marketing Officer, College SRC Convener or alternate; 5 PGR College students, one from each School preferred.

In Attendance: Graduate School Administrator, Head of Academic and Student Administration


To discuss, advise and make recommendations to College on matters relating to postgraduate research programmes across the College, including educational policy, strategy and resource issues in relation to the development and enhancement of postgraduate research provision.

Specifically to:

  • Ensure that policy and procedures are followed including progress and selection of examiners for all postgraduate research degrees
  • Develop and maintain effective communications about PGR matters with staff and students in the Colleges and Schools
  • Highlight and promote innovations in learning, teaching and assessment which enhance the student learning experience and promote effective and efficient use of resources
  • Respond to consultations, to disseminate information and to implement recommendations for College Graduate School Board, Education Policy and Strategy Committee, Academic Standards Committee, Learning and Teaching Committee and the Research Planning and Strategy Committee
  • Regulate the delivery of PGR programmes across the College
  • Manage and regulate supervision practices and supervisor allocation
  • Ensure appropriate training is provided for PGR supervisors and programme coordinators
  • Receive and review annual progress reports and approve extensions, suspensions and other requests resulting from the annual progress review and reporting decisions to the Graduate School Board
  • To receive reports from the Student Development Committee and consider action required.


To College Management Group for Resource issues, otherwise to Graduate School Board and College Council