College Management Group


Convener: Vice Principal and Head of College Deputy
Convener: Deputy Head of College
Membership: 5 Heads of School, Deans of Learning and Teaching, Graduate Studies and Research, College Secretary, HR Manager, Head of Academic and Student Administration, College Head of Finance; others by invitation
In attendance:   College Office PA


  • To provide a regular forum for discussions relating to the strategic development of the College. Specifically to:
  • Ensure that the College’s Corporate Plan, Learning & Teaching, Research and Internationalisation Strategies are each relevant, forward-looking and integrated with the University Strategic Plan.
  • Engage in horizon scanning to anticipate and prepare for new opportunities and likely future developments for strategic investment and present these to the University for support.
  • Receive and discuss regular financial reports which monitor the College’s progress towards the achievement of the University key performance indicators. Contribute to the Vice Principal and Head of College’s preparations for the annual budget and corporate planning process.
  • Receive and consider regular update reports on progress towards student recruitment targets.
  • Identify and promote best practice in effective marketing strategies. Consider and recommend non-standard fee levels to the University.
  • Discuss, promote and review the implementation of policy developments from HR to facilitate the effective delivery of change;
  • Develop and maintain effective communications with staff on matters of strategic importance to the College.
  • Receive reports and consider the recommendations from the Research & Knowledge Transfer Strategy Committee, Learning and Teaching Committee, Library Committee and the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee on matters of topical and strategic importance.
  • Consider and approve recommendations for the appointment of Honorary professorial staff.
  • Oversight of compliance with University requirements relating to College Risk Register.