The Tell Tale Rooms

The Tell Tale Rooms

Thinking Culture | College of Arts & Humanities | School of Culture & Creative Arts
Date: Tuesday 05 December 2023
Time: 17:00 - 19:00
Venue: Kelvin Hall Lecture Theatre
Category: Films and theatre
Speaker: Andrew Kotting

Prior to next year’s VR Installation at the Advanced Research Centre, Andrew Kötting will be presenting a selection of works at Kelvin Hall Lecture Theatre that will help contextualise The Tell Tale Rooms.

Evolving as a series of drawings, collages, sculptured heads and paintings the digital VR project The Tell Tale Rooms has evolved from an earlier moving image work This Our Still Life and offers a beguiling and expansive portrait of 'Louyre,' the remote tumbledown Pyrenean hidey-hole that filmmaker Andrew Kötting shares with his partner Leila McMillan and their daughter Eden (the 'star' of the artist’s first feature film, the seminal British road movie Gallivant).

"To me the film Gallivant seemed immediately one of the greatest things any human being had ever made .... We spend a lot of time peering over our shoulders at the artists we've lost, forgetting that, if we look for them, some of the greatest are amongst us now."

Stewart Lee – Sight & Sound

“Kötting has carved out a singular career encompassing sound art, installation pieces, avant-garde theatre, short films, artists' books and full-length features whose cussedness and often unclassifiable nature has led him to be described as the heir to English dissidents such as Derek Jarman and Peter Greenaway."

Sukhdev Sandhu – The Guardian

"Only Kötting could collide Brakhage's lyrical intensity, that probing at the edge of focus, with the stutter and stammer of Benny Hill's caricatured Englishness. We are offered a desert-island survey of all the found objects in Kötting's mountain ark, the sacred and the surreal.”

Iain Sinclair – Sight & Sound

Presented as part of ‘Thinking Culture’, a cultural programme supported by the School of Culture & Creative Arts, and in collaboration with the Advanced Research Centre.

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