Primary Engagement Programme

Programme overview

The Primary Engagement Programme is an online programme which works with P6&7 pupils and is available to all school in Scotland. The programme was jointly developed by the University of Glasgow, Skills Development Scotland and Glasgow City Council. 

The aims of the programme are to:

  • encourage young people to think about their future and raise their aspirations
  • introduce young people to the idea of further qualifications, especially higher education and university
  • introduce young people to different career pathways and degree programmes
  • ensure young people know where they can access information concerning higher education/career guidance
  • ensure young people have a greater understanding of how to plan for their future and achieve their aspirations
  • encourage young people to identify their own strengths and skillsets.

The programme feeds directly into the Developing Young Workforce curriculum and links into the My World of Work platform. During the programme the learners take part in a series of activities, which feed into the Health and Wellbeing; Expressive Arts and Literacy areas of the Curriculum for Excellence.


The programme is open to all primary schools in Scotland.

How to apply

The programme is available online on the Skills Development Scotland website.

Why take part

While focusing on higher education, the Primary Engagement Programme considers a wide variety of post-school destinations to ensure that pupils are aware of all the different options and pathways available to them, allowing pupils to make informed decisions about their future.

By encouraging learners to think about their future options while still at primary school, the programme ensures pupils do not disengage from education as they transition into secondary school and are well placed to progress onto the next stage of their education.


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Frequently asked questions

Will taking part in this programme guarantee a place on one of your senior phase programmes?

No. There are clear eligibility criteria for our senior phase programmes. Our Primary and BGE programmes are open to all P6-S3 pupils in Scotland.