Former Reach participants talking about their experience of the programme.

School Partners

  • Our pupils really enjoyed the programme and our parents engaged with it as well! (Glasgow City Council Primary School Teacher)
  • Tutors had an excellent relationship with pupils. They spoke clearly and effectively, imparting information at the appropriate times. The information received had a clear relevance to that age and stage of the pupils. They were much more informed as a result of the programme. We held a parental information evening for S2 options the following evening. In the past we have only ever managed 20-25 parents. On this occasion we had well over 100. This was largely due to the impact of the programme. (North Lanarkshire Secondary School Teacher)
  • The Tutors were excellent and really engaged well with all pupils. (East Dunbartonshire Secondary School Teacher)
  • The team who run the programme are very supportive and always willing to help and engage with pupils. They’re not just there as administrators but are very actively engaged with the kids – they know what their ambitions are, what their essay submissions are like, and how they’re engaging with the programme. (West Dunbartonshire Secondary School Teacher)
  • Top-Up is essential for our pupils at our school, they have supported our pupils to get to university when they might not otherwise have done so. We have always valued their unrelenting support of our young people and without it we would feel a cog in the wheel would be missing! (Glasgow City Council Secondary School Teacher)


Programme Participants

  • Reach programme was essential for myself and others who came from a school with no real support for applying to professions and didn't have an understanding of what was required. Best part was campus week as hearing what medicine was like first hand and experiencing a snapshot of student life confirmed it was what I wanted to do. (UofG Medicine Graduate)
  • Growing up I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I left school. When I was in 5th year at secondary school the Reach Programme started and was offered to people in my year. I decided to try out the Veterinary side of the programme. That one decision completely changed my life. The Reach Programme opened my eyes to the world of Veterinary Medicine and I fell in love with it. From that point on I knew what I wanted to do with my life. (UofG Veterinary Medicine Graduate)
  • I would not have a Law degree and a training contract at an international commercial law firm had it not been for my invaluable experience at Reach which cemented my desire to pursue Law as a career. (UofG LLB Graduate and trainee solicitor)
  • The program helped me develop skills that I will use later on in life and will help me in higher education, it is a great experience for school pupils. (S6 pupil)
  • I felt as though it was a great experience and that I would do it again given the chance! (S6 pupil)
  • It was a very beneficial experience and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to take part as I learned skills from it that I could not have learned elsewhere, and it has made me more confident to start University. (S5 pupil)
  • I enjoyed learning about different careers and how rooms in a university look and increasing my knowledge. (S1 Pupil)
  • I liked the workshops and I got good information about subject choices. (S2 Pupil)
  • I really liked talking with the tutors about all the different things that I could do when I leave school and start university. (S1 pupil)
  • I enjoyed seeing what jobs people can do with subjects they like. (S3 Pupils)