Contextual Admissions - Information for Schools and Teachers

Students walking up stairs to Bute Hall during graduation

We may make adjusted offers of entry to pupils who successfully complete one of our accredited University of Glasgow pre-entry programmes, which run in school and/or on the University campus:

Our research shows that students who successfully complete one of these programmes perform at a higher standard than comparable students at the University.

Applicants who are GUARANTEED an adjusted offer are those who meet the adjusted entry requirements in S5 or S6 and:

  • Live in an SIMD decile 1-4 (SIMD 20/40)
  • Are care experienced
  • Are estranged from family and living without family support
  • Are a carer (provide unpaid care)
  • Are seeking asylum in the UK
  • Have refugee status

For clarification of any terminology please consult our glossary of terms.