Building Customer-Company Relationships on Social Media (UG)


Building Customer-Company Relationships on Social Media Microcredential

Duration: 5 weeks
Credits: 5 Academic Credits (PG)
Delivery: All course content is delivered on Moodle, our virtual learning platform. You will converse with the tutors and fellow students in online forums.
Timetable: Fully online and flexible, with no scheduled classes to attend.
Funding: You are eligible for a fully funded place on this course if you are Scottish-domiciled and/or work for an organisation based in Scotland.
College: College of Social Sciences
School: Adam Smith Business School

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In today’s highly saturated and competitive market, companies are facing the challenge of standing out from the crowd of similar brands and products. Consumers are looking for authenticity and genuine connections with the brands they choose to support. To stay relevant, businesses must focus on building strong relationships with their customers. Social media has become a vital tool for companies to connect with their target audience and understand their needs. This course will delve into the key factors that drive customer-company relationships and explore the unique features of social media that can be leveraged to strengthen these connections. By the end of the course, learners will have a comprehensive understanding of how to use social media to foster customer loyalty and build lasting relationships.

Why this course

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and analyse theory about the complex nature of relationship marketing;
  • Define the variables of relationship marketing;
  • Use social media for marketing purposes, with a focus on building relationships with customers;
  • Understand and use relationship criteria and social media characteristics to maximise customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Course structure

This course is designed to introduce learners to the fundamentals of relationship marketing on social media. It will cover the following topics:

Week 1: Introduction & Core Concepts

Week 2: Forming the Relationship

Week 3: Developing the Relationship

Week 4: Solidifying the Relationship

Week 5: Bringing It All Together



Learners who choose to submit this assessment will be awarded 5 Academic Credits towards a relevant Undergraduate degree at the University of Glasgow.


Meet The Team

This course is designed and delivered by Dr Nilay Balkan.

Nilay is currently a lecturer in marketing and has taught across various marketing curriculum such as Marketing Campaign Development, Marketing Management, Strategic Brand Management and Retail Marketing. She previously worked as a Business Advisor and has been involved in consultancy projects for SMEs. Her academic interests include marketing strategy, digital competency, digital transformation, branding, marketing communications, entrepreneurship, SMEs, and teaching, particularly in inclusive education, higher education and business mentoring.


Course alteration or discontinuation
The University of Glasgow endeavours to run all courses as advertised. In exceptional circumstances, however, the University may withdraw or alter a course. For more information, please see: Student contract.

Career prospects

This course is designed to equip learners with skills to progress into the following roles and industries:

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • SME Owner
  • SME Manager

Completion of this course grants potential for:

  • Further academic study
  • Promotion
  • Increased earning potential
  • New career path

Entry requirements

It is suggested that learners on this course are educated to at least SCQF level 6 and have an IELTS equivalent of 6.5. Learners will not be asked to prove their academic or professional history.