Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship (LTECF): Application Selection Process

Leverhulme Trust is offering three year (36 month) full-time fellowships in any subject area (other than some health related disciplines), open to candidates within four years of their PhD submission by the application due date of 22 February 2024, and who have not previously held a full-time academic post at a UK university. Full details of the LTECF scheme can be found on the LT website

The fellowships are tenable at any university in the UK, with the Trust encouraging movement between insitutions since a candidate’s undergraduate experience. Thus, applicants wishing to hold a LTECF at the University of Glasgow (UoG) may come from within UoG or from another University. Applications require approval from the host institution and from the relevant Head of Department.

The award offers joint support from LT and the host university, with each covering half the salary costs of the Fellowship: LT offer up to £26,000 maximum per year for salary, plus £6,000 per annum in research costs.

An internal LKAS Leadership Fellowship application to secure the institutional match funding will need to be submitted in January 2024, ahead of the LT submission.

In order to manage the submissions process for LTECF proposals from candidates wishing to be hosted within one of the SPS Subjects at Glasgow, we require candidates to submit a synopsis of their proposal/application to Jen.Barrett@glasgow.ac.uk  by 5pm on Friday 13 October 2023. Details of what is required in this submission are given below:

Applicants must make contact with the Research Director of the Subject within which they wish to hold their Fellowship to discuss their research idea and to agree the mentor to be allocated to the applicant. The mentor will be able to help with discussions about the development of the proposal. The Subject RDs are listed below:

Central and East European Studies: David Smith

Economic and Social History: Jim Phillips

Politcs and Internal Relations: Patrick Bayer

Sociology: Bridgette Wessels

Urban Studies: Annette Hastings 

The School Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee will consider all submissions and select those it wishes to offer institutional and departmental support for during the applications process.  Candidates will be notified of this decision by Friday 17 November 2023.

Thereafter, we would expect to receive the applicant’s full proposal for internal peer review by Friday 12 January 2024 prior to submission to LT by 22 February 2024.


This should consist of the following, contained in a single document:

Applicant Name

Title of research proposal: No more than 80 characters including spaces.

Statement of Eligibility: Explain briefly how you meet the eligibitiity criteria for the scheme.

Host Subject: State which SPS Subject you wish to be hosted within.

Proposed Mentor: Name your mentor within the host Subject.

Abstract: This account should be given in non-technical terms so as to be easily comprehensible to a non-expert (maximum 100 words).

Details of current and past research: Give details of your current and past research experience (maximum 250 words). Focus on the research most relevant to the current application.

Proposed Research: Short statement of aims, objectives, methodology and outcomes. 500 words max.

Major Publications: List your main or most relevant publications, identifying ‘submitted’ and ‘published’. One page max.

Relevant Research in Host Subject: What research within the Subject is relevant to your project. (Max 100 words).

Other Institutional Applications: Please confirm whether you are also considering applying for the Leverhulme ECF 2024 Scheme via other institutions in addition to Unviversity of Glasgow.

Statement from Subject Research Director: Fit with Subject research agenda and benefits of hosting the candidate. (max 150 words).