Personal Profile Editing Guidlines

Your staff profile at Our staff is mainly based on information that you control as a member of staff.  The main steps towards getting your profile suitable are listed here:

  • Basic contact information (e.g. office number, building, telephone, email) is gleaned from information held by HR, and should be kept up to date.  Please do inform them of any changes if you move office, home address, change name or titles, or anything else like this.  A member of support staff may be able to help you with getting this updated if you do not know who to contact in HR (and contact details should also be kept up to date with school office).
  • The description of your job role, academic interests or similar is what you yourself write in the staff database at  Click on "Administer my data entry",
    • keep your contact details up to date in here,
    • put a description in the "Personal Summary".  This could be research interests, subjects taught, admin or management responsibilities, as appropriate for your role.  Basic html tags can be included and will result in formatting in the final webpage (e.g. the various header tags <h1>-<h6> work, as does ,<p>)
    • Under "Teaching Allocation", you can select which of your courses shows up on your staff page.  This obviously needs updating each year or your staff profile will get out of date.
    • For any issues with access to the staff database, or incorrect settings in there (including wrong courses or students assigned to you), please contact Dr Ian Anthony.
  • The "Publications" and "Research Datasets" tabs fill from information provided to Enlighten and Research Data Management team.  So, when you publish something, please ensure you always inform Englighten.  And if there is Open Data associated with a publication, please ensure the Research Data Management knows, whether or not they are hosting it themselves or it is on a third party server.

Good practice and good examples are provided by the university of the sort of content that might be ideal here.