Dr Ben Nichols

Research Associate

I am a postdoctoral research assistant in the department of Human Nutrition at the University of Glasgow. My role involves the processing and analysis of gut microbiome DNA data for a number of different projects within the department. My PhD in Bioinformatics was also obtained at the University of Glasgow and prior to that I studied Mathematics and Statistics at Newcastle University where I was awarded an integrated bachelor's and master's degree (MMathStat).

Dr Konstantinos Gkikas

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Photo of Konstantinos GkikasDr Konstantinos Gkikas is a postdoctoral research assistant in Prof Gerasimidis' lab. Dr Gkikas is an early career researcher with a strong interest in the role of diet in the managment of gastrointestinal conditions. He is currently leading the iPENS trial, a multicentre, randomised controlled trial, in children with Crohn's disease. The trial aims to explore dietary triggers of gut inflammation and their interaction with the gut microbiome and immune host signitures. During his PhD, he explored the role of diet in different phases of onset, managment, and exascerbation of Crohn's disease. He holds a Bsc in Nutrition and Dietetics from Harokopio University in Greece, and an Msc in Human Nutrition with specialisation in clinical nutrition from the University of Glasgow. He is a member of several scientific associations (ie. ECCO, ESPHAGAN), an affiliate nutritionist in the UK, and a registered dietician in Greece. 

Caroline Kerbiriou

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Photo of Caroline KerbiriouI graduated a BSc in Cell Biology and Animal Physiology from Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France in 2015, before completing an MSc in Digestive Health and Nutrition in 2017. During the MSc, I studied the gut microbiome and immune system in intestinal and metabolic diseases including Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) and Diabetes. In 2017, I started my PhD at the University of Glasgow. My project focused on studying the pathophysiology of non-IgE-mediated Cow's Milk Protein Allergy by profiling the gut microbiome and immune system in infants to use as a non-invasive diagnostic method.

Jennifer Clowe

Clinical Research Dietician 

Elena Bowles

Project Coordinator

 Image of the project coordinatorElena recently completed a Msc in Human Nutrition at The Univeristy of Glasgow. Previously, she completed a bachelors degree in Sport & Exercise Medical Sciences at King's College London. Her reserach interests surround the role of nutrition and dietary therapy to optimise health in clinical populations, including Crohn's disease, and in non-clinincal athletic populations. Her main role in the BINGO group is to cordinate the BIOPIC study.

Dr Vaios Svolos

Research Associate

Photo of Dr Vaios SvolosI am a post doctoral research associate working at the University of Glasgow. My project focuses on the dietary manipulation of the gut microbiome and the development of a novel, solid food-based, dietary treatment for Crohn's disease. I have graduated a Bsc in Dietetics and Human Nutrition from Harokopio University of Athens and completed my postgraduate studies with an Msc in Human Nutrition with specialisation in Clinical Nutrition from University of Glasgow. I am a registered dietitian in Greece.

Anna Andrusaite

profile photo of anna andrusaiteI am a PhD student in the Milling Lab. I have obtained BSc in Genetics from University of Glasgow that was followed by MRes in Biomedical Sciences during which I started working within the Milling Lab. During my Master’s degree I developed an interest in basic science regulating immunity of the gastric tract. My current project focuses on molecular mechanisms of how food/microbiota derived molecules shape the immune cell development and function in the gut

Lisa Gervais

Profile of Lisa GervaisI qualified with a Bachelor of Child Nursing in 2008 and have since completed  a post graduate certificate in Gastroenterology. I currently have a unique joint role within NHS Greater Glasgow in Clyde where I work as both a Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease (PIBD) Nurse Specialist as well as a Senior Research Nurse. I work closely with other members of the BINGO group to coordinate and recruit for the PIBD research studies