BIOPIC Hypothesis Summary

Two of the best treatments currently used in people with Crohn’s disease are special drug injections (biologics), and a liquid-only diet using specialised milkshakes, known as Exclusive Enteral Nutrition (EEN).

However, treatment with biologics is only successful in approximately 40-50% of the patients, and although treatment with EEN has a better safety and effectiveness profile it is difficult for patients to stick to this as their sole source of nutrition for 6-8 weeks, particularly for adults.

In the BIOPIC study, we want to investigate whether replacing part of half of a habitual diet with specialised milkshakes will improve response to standard treatment with biologics in adults with active Crohn’s disease.

The BINGO group is planning to recruit patients with Crohn’s disease who need treatment with biologics. Half of the patients with Crohn’s disease will be provided with specialised milkshakes to replace half of their food intake for a maximum of 6 weeks. The other half of the patients will continue to eat their normal habitual diet.

During the intervention, we will collect blood, urine, and stool samples and collect information about patients’ diet.

The samples will be used to measure response to biologic therapy, changes in disease markers and gut bacteria. The researchers will also compare gut bacteria and dietary habits between patients with Crohn’s disease and healthy controls to identify how these differ and how these change during the treatment with specialised milkshakes for half the participants diet and biologics.