Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team

The Athena SWAN Self Assessment Team (SAT) currently consists of 18 members, with representation from all grades and job families - illustrating the diverse career profiles of SoMDN. 

Minutes of our meetings can be accessed on the School's Moodle page.

The SAT chair is Dr Christine Goodall - Senior Clinical Lecturer Oral Surgery -


NameJob Title
Ms Nora Theiban Alshammari PGR Student
Ms Yulia Anopa Research Assistant
Mrs Sam Cameron Chief Technician
Ms Sue Campbell Lecturer in Health and Services Management
Dr Emilie Combet Senior Lecturer (Human Nutrition)
Prof David Conway Professor of Dental Public Health
Mrs Karyn Cooper Administrator (Child Health)
Mrs Jacqueline Davidson Clinical Lecturer (Dentistry)
Mr Finlay Finlay Senior Histology Technician
Ms Lisa Heggie Athena SWAN Coordinator
Prof John Paul Leach Head of Undergraduate Medical School
Ms Lowena Lindsay Undergraduate Student Representative
Dr Helen Lloyd Medical School Administrator
Dr Lindsey Pope Clinical Senior University Teacher (Medicine)
Ms Santhani Selveindran Research Associate/PGR Student
Ms Ruth Stewart Head of School Administration
Ms Stephanie Sutherland Administrative Assistant
Dr Hazel Torrance Manager of Forensic Toxicologist Service
Prof Matthew Walters Head of School


SAT and working group membership is reviewed regularly. To join our Athena SWAN activities, please contact