Distinguished Lecture Series

The Rankin and Sneddon Lectures

The then Department of Mathematics held Colloquium talks for many decades, inviting speakers to talk to a general mathematical audience about their research, and speakers such as Prof Sir Michael Atiyah (Edinburgh), Prof Persi Diaconnis (Stanford) and Prof Jon Baez (California, Riverside) gave talks.

After the School of Mathematics and Statistics was formed, the School launched its Rankin-Sneddon Distinguished Lecture Series in Mathematics, named after two of the major figures in the history of mathematics in Glasgow in the 20th Century:

  • Prof Robert Rankin (appointed in 1954, retiring in 1982);
  • Prof Ian Sneddon (appointed in 1956, retiring in 1985).
Recent Rankin-Sneddon Lectures (in pure and applied mathematics)

The Bowman Lectures

The annual Bowman Lecture aims to highlight the crucial importance of statistics, and the mathematical sciences more generally, in addressing issues of public importance. The speakers and subjects are chosen to connect as closely as possible with issues which are both topical and high profile.

The lecture series was established as the result of a generous donation from an anonymous donor. It is named after Emeritus Professor Adrian Bowman who served on the staff of the Department of Statistics, and subsequently the School of Mathematics and Statistics, from 1986 to 2020, including a term as Head of School (2014-18).

Recent Bowman Lectures

The Mitchell Lectures

This lecture series was founded in 1925 through an endowment generously established by Sir George Arthur Mitchell, a prominent Glasgow industrialist and a graduate of the University. The endowment reflected the importance Mitchell attached to good use of statistical methods within the business community. At various times, the endowment has been used to support the appointment of staff within the University but in its most recent form it has allowed statisticians of the highest international prominence to be brought to the University for high profile visits to give public lectures and to interact with staff and research students.

Upcoming Mitchell Lecture
Recent Mitchell Lectures