PGR & Student Expenses Procedure

If you require to complete a student expenses claim form then please follow the procedure below.

  1.  Before completing an expense claim form you must have the funding approved.  If the school is funding your expense then you must provide the approval email with your claim form.  If you have your own project that you wish to be charged then this information should be provided with the form.
  2. The student expense form can be accessed via the link below.  You should always access the expense form via this link rather than a personal file.  This is to ensure that you are submitting the most update to date form.  Any out of date forms will be returned to claimant.

  1. You should complete this form with all your details.
  2. When you have completed the expenses form please put the total of all expenses on one line: all expenses must be detailed separately in an Excel Spreadsheet. “Student Expenses Claim Breakdown Form”.
  3. Each receipt should be numbered and itemised on the spreadsheet individually.
  4. Receipts must be provided as evidence of all expenses and should be scanned in numerical order and emailed along with expenses claim form and the “student expenses claim breakdown form”.
  5. Before submitting you claim please ensure that you have attached all the essential documents. 

    • The claim form
    • A copy of the receipt(s)
    • E-mail confirmation between yourself & your supervisor that they are happy for you to submit the claim (Suggest you send the completed form to them and clearly state that you are looking for their approval to proceed with the claim – they should respond to you confirming that they are happy for you to proceed.  This e-mail should be attached to your claim)
    • Confirmation of your bank account details (a screenshot of your account details showing your name, account number & sort code will suffice)


    This all needs to be combined and submitted as 1 PDF document, with the claim form showing as the first page. 

  6. Your PDF file should then be submitted to for processed.  Please note that all documents must be submitted in 1 PDF documents together.
  7. If you have any problems with your expense claim please contacted the transaction hub.



Important Notes:

  • Expense claims submitted without supporting receipts will be rejected.
  • Expenses can be claimed as soon as you have an invoice or receipt showing the amount you have paid.
  • Be sure that your expenses don’t exceed the amount authorised.
  • You may claim up to a maximum of £60 per day for subsistence when an overnight stay is involved and £20 per day for day trips.  (Receipts must be provided in support of claims for subsistence)
  • They University is unable to meet the cost of partners/children who accompany you on the trip.
  • Travel Insurance should be arranged via the university.  This should be completed at least seven days prior to departure.
  • Please note that any private insurance that you arrange can’t be reimbursed and will in invalid for University related travel.
  • Credit card receipts alone aren’t acceptable – A detailed till receipted or invoice is necessary to provide the evidence required to claim the expenses.
  • Expense claims must be made within 3 months of the expense being incurred.  Expense claims out with the time limited will be rejected.
  • Forms with names typed into signature field will be rejected.  Please ensure that you sign your form.