Staff Expenses

Please be aware that expenses claims must be made within three months of the expense incurred. Any expenses claimed out with the time limit will be rejected.

How to claim expenses

Staff should submit their claim online using the Employee Dashboard on the Core expenses system which is accessed using your GUID and password.   

In order to select the correct sub-project to charge expenses to, you first need to have the correct cost centre.

You should enter the cost centre in the header section of the expenses claim report.  Please note that there a multiple cost centres for the school.  Therefore, you should ensure you know the correct codes before you start your claim.  You will find a list of the cost centres on the maths and stats sharepoint page.

If you have problems with the cost centre please contact the transaction hub

You should take care to ensure that you check the box for foreign expenses in any new expense item where appropriate.  You should then enter the foreign currency value of your receipt.   If the automatic system-generated currency exchange rate is unsuitable, you can amend either the rate or the actual currency. Within your claim you can select the Options button and choose Currency, from there you may choose an alternative currency or manually input the correct exchange rate for your expense item. If you choose to undertake this option some ‘proof’ of the exchange rate should be supplied along with your receipt.

In the expense type drop-down menu, please take care to select an accurate description.  The drop-down menu extends over multiple windows.   This is especially important for research sub-projects to ensure that costs are correctly attributed to the correct account categories.

You must scan and upload receipts for expenses incurred and attach them to your online claim form.    You may attach individual receipts from your phone or scan these into a single document for upload.   Failure to supply receipts, or the provision of illegible receipts, can lead to delays in receiving payment, and may in some cases result in non-payment.  You are advised to retain original receipts until you are fully reimbursed for the claim.    The University does not require you to retain these thereafter.    You are also encouraged to use the 'save as other ... reduced size PDF' option to allow faster download and speed up the approval process by your line manager.

A Guide to Core Expenses, including screenshots and other useful information, is accessible at   The guide is also located within Core itself - on the Employee Dashboard - choose documents, click on the magnifying glass, choose the guide from the list of documents.   Your expense claim will be approved by your line manager. 

An advance for expenses may only be claimed in exceptional circumstances.   If you require this facility, you must complete the Advance Expenses Request Form and submit this to the Finance Transaction Hub with at least two weeks notice.

Approving online expenses (line managers only)

As line manager, you will receive auto-generated system prompts regarding new expense reports that require your approval on the Core expenses system. 

If you are going to be absent from the University for a significant period of time, with limited internet access, please contact The Transaction Hub.


The Pay and Pensions section is normally able to make payment within ten working days of receipt of a correctly completed and approved expenses claim form. Claims will be reimbursed in sterling directly to the employee’s nominated bank account.


Full details of purchasing and claiming hospitality are available in the University’s policy on Hospitality, Entertainment, Restaurants and Gifts.