Purchasing goods

Purchasing goods

The process for ordering goods or services is as follows:

  1. You need to complete the School requsition-form. It is really important that you specify the company address and e-mail address where the order should be sent.
  1. Please see table below - guidance for purchases with a value less than £25,000.

Value of Purchase*


£0 to £999

1 verbal quotation

£1,000 to £2,999

1 written quotation

£3,000 to £4,999

2 written quotations

£5,000 to £24,999

3 written quotations

£25,000 +

Contact Procurement Office

* Total Value of Purchase; if a regular purchase, calculate the total value of spend, including VAT.

If you select a more expensive quotation then you need to give a reason for not choosing the cheapest one.

  • If you can’t provide the requirement quotations then you have to complete the PPE form Procurement Policy Exception .This form may be used when there is a genuine operational reason for not subjecting expenditure to competition. However this must genuinely mean there is only one supplier and not simply that it would be convenient to use a particular supplier. The PPE form will need to demonstrate market testing and or provide details that evidence that only one supplier exists.
  • You can get information about University Approved Suppliers from the followings links:
  1. You need to send the completed order request form along with the required quotations to maths-stats-finance@glasgow.ac.uk.
  1. When we receive the order request we will check if the company is one of the University suppliers.
  1. The details from the Requisition form will be input on Agresso web by authorised personnel and will follow an approved workflow.
  1. Once fully approved, a Purchase Order number is generated

  2. Once you receive your order you must notify math-stats-finance@glasgow.ac.uk by sending through the delivery notes enclosed within the order.  If there are no delivery notes then please send an email confirming what items have been received

You must establish whether VAT is inclusive or exclusive of the price quoted before completing the requisition/purchase order.

Once the Requisition has become a Purchase Order, and depending who the supplier is, it will be automatically emailed/faxed, or printed off and sent to the supplier. The Purchase Order will also record a commitment against the appropriate Cost Centre and Project until all items on the Purchase Order are allocated to the corresponding invoice.

If you need to order any computing equipment please contact maths-stats-itsupport@glasgow.ac.uk.