Thirty-sixth annual conference

The 36th Annual Conference and AGM of the Scottish Legal History Group was held in the Reading Room of the Advocates’ Library, Parliament House, Edinburgh, on Saturday 1 October 2016.

10.30 Coffee

11.00 First Session

Dr Claire Hawes (St Andrews)
Trial and Error: James III's Legal Reforms and the Politics of the Later Fifteenth Century

Ms Stephanie Dropuljic (University of Aberdeen)
The Prosecution of Murder and Slaughter in the Justiciary Court, 1625-1650

12.30 Sherry and Lunch

2.15 Second Session

Annual General Meeting

Mr Scott Styles (University of Aberdeen)
Scotland’s Forgotten Commercial Court, 1600-1800

3.30 Third Session

Dr Daniel Carr (University of Edinburgh)
Historical Animal Protection in Scotland

Professor James Pfander (Northwestern University, Chicago)
Title and Interest (Standing) to Sue: What Americans can learn from Scotland’s actio popularis

5.00 Close