Thirty-fifth annual conference

The 35th Annual Conference and AGM of the Scottish Legal History Group was held in the Reading Room of the Advocates Library, Parliament House, Edinburgh, on Saturday 3 October 2015.

10.30 Coffee

11.00 First Session

Professor Dauvit Broun and Ms Joanna Tucker (University of Glasgow)
"The earliest central judicial records"

Dr Jenny Wormald (University of Edinburgh)
"'And so it follows ... that the Kinges were the authors & makers of the lawes, and not the lawes of the Kings' [James VI, Trew Lawe of Free Monarchies]. Did he mean it?"

12.30 Sherry and Lunch

2.15 Second Session

Annual General Meeting

Mr Stephen Bogle (University of Glasgow)
"David Dalrymple and the South Sea bubble crisis"

3.30 Third Session

Dr Chloe Kennedy (University of Edinburgh)
"Nothing to declare?: Reconsidering the history of the declaratory power"

Mr James Hamilton (WS Society Signet Library)
"The Signet Library, 1815-2015"

5.00 Close