Thirty-fourth annual conference

The 34th Annual Conference and AGM of the Scottish Legal History Group took place in the Reading Room of the Advocates' Library, Parliament House, Edinburgh, on Saturday 4 October 2014.


A full programme is available from the link to the right.

First Session

Dr Jenny Wormald (University of Edinburgh)
'"And so it follows ... that the Kinges were the authors & makers of the lawes, and not the lawes of the Kings" (James VI, Trew Lawe of Free Monarchies). Did he mean it?'

Dr Karin Bowie (University of Glasgow)
'Protestations and the Making of Public Opinion in Early Modern Scotland'

Second Session

Mr Kenneth Campbell, QC
'Collectors and Decisions: developments in case reporting at the birth of the ‘new’ Court of Session'

Third Session

Dr Kathryn Chittick (Trent University, Ontario)
'Walter Scott and the Reform of Scottish Judicature 1806-1810'

Dr Anja Johansen (University of Dundee)
'The role of courts in disciplining police officers: a comparative view from Berlin and Paris, 1870-1914'