Forty-First annual conference

The 41st Annual Conference and AGM of the Scottish Legal History Group was held online via Teams, hosted by the University of Edinburgh, on Saturday 2 October 2021.

09.30 AGM
10.00 Session One

Professor Margaret Connolly and Mrs Rachel Hart (University of St Andrews)
"Early Scottish Notaries Database Project: (Slow) Progress During Times of Covid"

11.00 Session Two

Professor Andrew Simpson (University of Edinburgh)
"'It is mekle difficillar to invent nor to eik and augment it that is inventit': David Chalmers of Ormond’s purposes in writing his legal Compendium (1566)"

12.00 Session Three

Dr Thomas Green (University of Aberdeen)
"Concerning the Origins, Development, and Abolition of the Scots Law Doctrine of Marriage by Cohabitation with Habit and Repute: Review post Requiem?"

13.00 Close