Book Launch: Contract before the Enlightenment

On 20 April, the School of Law will host the book launch of Contract before the Enlightenment: the ideas of James Dalrymple, 1619-1695 by Stephen Bogle, Senior Lecturer in Private Law. The book will be published by the Oxford University Press on 23 March 2023 (link to the right). At the event, Professors Hector MacQueen (Edinburgh), Catharine MacMillian (KCL), John Ford (Aberdeen), and Adelyn Wilson (Aberdeen) will each respond to different aspects of the book, and following some general discussion, the day will close with some remarks by Stephen Bogle (Glasgow). It will start at 11.30 and finish at 4 pm. It is hoped that online attendance will be available. If you would like to attend in person or online, please contact

First published: 23 February 2023

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