Alan Rodger Postgraduate Visitor 2022

The School of Law is delighted to welcome Kirsten Parkin, who comes to us from Cambridge as our Alan Rodger Postgraduate Visitor for 2022.

Kirsten’s field is Roman legal and rhetorical education in the early empire. She’s examining a particular vehicle for education: the mock legal exercises called ‘controversiae’. Romanists debate their value as sources for law, but Kirsten’s focus is on their literary qualities and how those qualities fed into legal education.

Kirsten is also involved in an international research project on domestic violence in Ancient Rome ('Domestic Violence and Vulnerability in the Roman World').

Kirsten will present a research seminar during the autumn term, and is also joining our honours seminar, on the subject of legal education.


The Visitorship is supported by the Alan Rodger Endowment at the University of Glasgow.

The Endowment was established in memory of Alan Ferguson Rodger, Lord Rodger of Earlsferry (1944–2011). Lord Rodger, a graduate of the University of Glasgow, was an eminent advocate and judge, and served as Lord President of the Court of Session, Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, and Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. He was also a distinguished scholar of Roman law and legal history.

First published: 2 October 2022

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