Competition Law

Competition law has a special place in the School of Law. Nearly 300 years after Adam Smith taught logic and moral philosophy at the University, we build on his legacy in our teaching and research. Competition law research produced by staff in the school contributes to academic debate, legal practice and policy development. Our staff focus on a range of topics, including: competition policy in digital markets, innovation and creative destruction, power and gatekeeping in the arts and culture, the relationship between competition law, regulation, and corporate governance, market power and vertical relationships, cartels, collusion, and criminal enforcement. Staff have expertise in UK competition law, EU competition law, US antitrust law, aspects of Chinese anti-monopoly law and merger control.  

Our students, in the honours classes and in our renowned LLM programme, experience an international setting in which to learn not only about competition law and policy in its current form but also about the way competition policy can contribute to the changes in society. 

Members of the competition law team contribute to CREATe, the creative economy centre. For more information, see