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Health Inequalities in Scotland

Trends in deaths, health and wellbeing, health behaviours, and health services since 2000 

SPHSU researchers, led by Anna Pearce, were commissioned by The Health Foundation to produce a report providing a contemporary overview of health inequalities in Scotland.
Following a global pandemic and entering a cost-of-living crisis, concern around how health inequalities in Scotland have and will be impacted is considerable. This report synthesises a wide range of existing data and new analysis to establish the magnitude of the problem, where improvements or deterioration is evident and who is most affected. Over four detailed chapters, trends in social inequalities in health, health-related behaviours and, health and social care services in Scotland are presented.

Watch a short video summarising our findings on health inequalities in Scotland

Health and socioeconomic inequalities since devolution webinar

This webinar features an overview of the report

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Anna Pearce presents about inequalities in childhood obesity