Places and health

Our Places and health programme studies the ways in which people and places interact to affect health. There is a long history of research which shows that while 'who you are' is really important for determining your chances of good health, 'where you are' also matters. A lot of research has shown that characteristics of the 'neighbourhood' seem to affect health and health inequalities.

In theory, we could use the neighbourhood environment as a lever to protect and improve health and reduce inequality - if we create the right kind of neighbourhood, we might reap public health benefits.

Our programme aims to develop our understanding of which aspects of neighbourhood environment matter most for health and how effective place-based interventions are.

We have two workstreams: Mobility in the urban environment, Place-based exposures and impacts.

We work closely with other Unit programmes on a variety of projects, for example the NIHR Global Health Research Group on Social Policy and Health Inequalities (SPHI). We are also active members of inter-University research groups and centres, including the Centre for Research on Environment Society and Health (CRESH) and the Centre for Sustainable, Healthy and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods (SHLC).

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