HTA: Policy & Principles

Photo of woman having her heart listened to with stethoscope

HTA: Policy & Principles aims to provide students with a critical awareness of the broader policy context into which health technology assessment (HTA) is located as well as a critical understanding of the theoretical underpinnings, principles and techniques of health technology assessment.

  • Course dates: 23rd September - 6th December 2024.
  • Online Distance Learning (ODL)
  • Non-accredited, but with a certificate of attendance
  • Course coordinators: Dr Claudia Geue & Dr Eleanor Grieve 

This course will provide both a theoretical and practical understanding of the policy and principles behind, and the techniques involved with, the process of health technology assessment. Participants will learn about: the role of HTA in policy development, introduction to different elements of process (statistical methods and analysis, outcome measurement, evidence synthesis, health economics, economic evaluation, decision analytic modelling), ethical issues.

Course Structure

10-week online course comprising 10 lectures and accompanying practical exercises. The lectures will be 45min/1hr in duration and exercises associated with lectures will take a notional 2 hours for the participants to complete. Each week the academic lead will be responsible for monitoring and contributing to the discussion board. The exercise solutions will be posted on Moodle, our digital learning platform, the following week.  


£660 for low and middle income countries (LMICs)

£704 for public/academic sector delegates and

£1,100 for commercial/private sector

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