How do I use this site?

As we all have different styles of working and learning, it is very much up to you to develop a PDP system that works best for you. This website is simply intended to act as a resource and provide a framework to get you started, and to introduce you to the range of tools available to help you. It has been designed to work in parallel with Mahara, an online application that will enable you to compile a portfolio of material related to PDP, as well as Moodle, the university's internet based teaching tool.

How do I use this site?

The structure of this site is broken down into two main sections:

  1. Transferable Skills

    These are applicable in a wide range of situations and contexts, and include organisation, problem solving, communication, team work, researchg, IT proficiency and self management (i.e. the ability to plan and improve individual skills and performance; PDP in other words!)

  2. Engineering Skills

    Learning outcomes specific to the Engineering discipline, broken into 5 key areas:
    • Underpinning science and maths
    • Engineering analysis
    • Design
    • Economic, social and environmental context
    • Engineering practice

Under each of the headings you will find a description of the required learning outcomes, questions for self reflection as well as links to relevant resources to help you. A good place to start however is the Skills Audit, which is a series of questions to help you evaluate yourself against attainment levels expected of a graduate engineer.