Personal Development Planning

Welcome to the School of Engineering PDP site.

With so much to take in and contend with at the start of your university career, probably the last thing on your mind right now is the future. However as you have undoubtedly heard a thousand times over, the culture of university education is such that your learning is now your responsibility, and it is therefore up to you to decide what you want to get out of the next four to five years of your life. This may not be overwhelmingly apparent on an Engineering programme, particularly in the first couple of years where you will have a fairly full and structured timetable already laid out for you, and where to a certain extent you may be able to progress by merely jumping through hoops. However it is worth bearing in mind that your degree is more than just a set of exams and a piece of paper that you are given at the end of it; equally if not more important are the experiences you encounter and the skills you develop that will ultimately prepare you for a career in your chosen profession.

This website aims to get you thinking about these things.

'To me, true skills are self-learned and very little owing to imparted learning. PDP has helped me in both my profession and my personal life.  I started using it three years ago.'

Comments from a BEng(Hons) graduate, EEE, 2003, now an R&D Engineer working in the area of carbon nanotubes nanotechnology.