Personal Advancement by Engineering Students

Ad hominem

You alone have the power to direct your personal advancement.  You alone can muster energy and ability, sufficient to attain personal goals.  Are you then self-sufficient?  Well, perhaps not.

Self-sufficiency stands perilously close to self-indulgence; left undisciplined it invokes introspection.  Extrospection is a foil, for it resounds with stimuli, opportunity, challenge, language, practice, etc.  Not least amongst the challenges is the necessity for you to declare yourself within the domain you would influence and find acknowledgement there.  The domain (sometime the “field”) expresses impartiality, exercises a peculiar discipline, and evaluates the habitus according to substantive criteria.  Pretentious stuff this: but the School’s PAES utility postures prosaically, waiting your attention to enliven it and release its purpose and yours.

Less than impartial, the School of Engineering aims to speed the engagement of degree programmes by students of the first year especially.  Fitness for employment at the completion of academic studies is a governmental priority, a university target therefore and an issue debated loudly by business organizations.  The PAES scheme bends in these directions, as it might.  Its predilection is for your learning.  It joins you and the academics that conceive and deliver degree programmes in a common search for coherence in teaching and learning.  It cossets your resources and aids your disposal of them to competing professional, personal and social purposes.

Designed by an engineer, the PAES advances five personal developmental themes on a lifecycle that enters your first employment.  The primary themes are

Five heads of personal advancement

Academic advance   

Maturation & maturity  

Professional advance  

Life & association  

Cultural Exploration   

Moodle sites that join the dynamic of your degree programme promote and sustain your application of the PAES.  Login to Moodle, appropriately, via the links provided on the right.