About Moodle

What is Moodle?

Moodle is an online learning environment designed to support teaching at Glasgow University. It is an effective means of communication between lecturers and students, and you will more than likely be required to enrol for your engineering subjects within the Moodle environment.

What will I find there?

Notices, lecture notes, assignments and discussion forums are some of the things you will commonly find on Moodle.

What does this have to with PDP?

Strictly speaking, nothing. However it is a tool designed to aid your learning and should help you to stay on top of your studies.

A general engineering help forum has also been created as a means of communication throughout the entire faculty. If  you have a question but are not sure who to ask, or are looking for help from a discipline other than your own, try this as a first port of call. It can be accessed through via:

Moodle > Faculties > Engineering > General Engineering > Engineering Hub