Real Time CFD

In recent years the the number of cores and performance of both  central processing units (CPU)s and graphic processing units (GPU)s have increased rapidly. giving rise to the possibility of real time CFD simulations if the computational method can take advantage of such a large number processors. One such cadidate is the Lattice Boltzmann method which has emerged as an alternative to the more traditional methods , of which HMB3 WMB3 is an example, for simulating fluid flow.

 The Lattice Boltzmann method solves the macroscopic fluid problems and sits at the boundary between the molecular and continuum views of a fluid. The fluid is simulated by the moment and collisions processes of a limited number of particles in a restrcited number of directions.

2D cylinder animated gif 


Dr George Barakos

Dr Rene Steijl

Dr Mark Woodgate