Small Scale Wind Turbine Project

Small scale wind turbines are popular for power generation in  areas with no power grid access. The wind turbine at the University of Glasgow is currently located on the roof of the James Watt South Building and the project is setup to provide data and a real-world example of a wind turbine to students and researchers.

This small wind turbine is of the horizontal axis type and has a vane for yaw changes. It is complemented by a suite of power management and storage devices including batteries, inverters and charge controllers. A small weather station is also operating gathering wind data.

Students have so far conducted project work on blade design and have also considered different schemes and mechanisms for the quick deployment of small wind turbines. Estimates of future power production are also a popular topic for project work and statistical methods as well as deep learning algorithms have been used. 

Photo of a small wind turbine


  • A short video of the wind turbine yawing can be seen by clicking below.
  • Yaw Change Small Wind Turbine
  • The weather station data can be found on WeatherCloud
  • Special thanks to our technical staff, Wilson, Bernard and Peter for their continuous support!



Prof George Barakos